Our services

Engineering Solutions and Services for Process Instrumentation and sales of components for industrial plants:

  • Oil and gas
  • Food
  • Chemical industry
  • Aircraft construction
  • Engineering, water treatment plants, sewage systems
  • Automotive
  • Shipbuilding and rail vehicle construction
  • IT- and telecommunication
  • Sewage systems

Your “BIT”-advantages

  • Short time delivery and response for GUS and worldwide
  • Office-to-Office-Service from manufacturer to customer
  • No time-consuming interim storage
  • Representative offices in Germany and the GUS states
  • Efficient processing of all tariff and transport formalities
  • Customs clearance in country of destination
  • Consultation for customers and manufacturers
  • Linguistic support particularly for dealings with the GUS states
    • Facilitation of communication between customer and manufacturer
    • Translation service in connection with inquiries and orders  
  • Fair cost-performance ratio
  • We supply also small quantities and individual parts

To each inquiry we provide first an offer,
thus you know what you have to pay at the end before placing your order.